School of Social Work

The School of Social Work is committed to a politicized social work practice grounded in a structural approach. This fosters greater awareness of the broad and intersecting injustices caused by oppressive structures while preparing students to be effective and ethical practitioners.


Our goal is that graduates are able to integrate vision, knowledge, and skills for practice that may lead to social transformation toward a more equitable and just society. While seeking to develop and teach a politicized social work practice, we strive to remain open to new ideas, analyses, and realities that challenge and inform our ongoing efforts.


The School of Social Work, which offers a Bachelor of Social Work and the only English Master of Social Work degree in New Brunswick, began as a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Science in 1976, followed by the addition of a Certificate of Social Work, and a Bachelor of Social Work in 1980.


In 1983, the Union of New Brunswick Indians and New Brunswick Indian Committee requested development of a social work program for Indigenous students. This began with a Certificate in Social Work and has evolved to the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet Bachelor of Social Work program which provides accredited professional social work education to Indigenous students in a flexible and culturally relevant framework.


The Master of Social Work Program, which focuses on advanced direct practice, was launched in 2021. It provides students with advanced theory and practice skills in professional leadership, social work supervision, and direct practice skills development.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work

This undergraduate program emphasizes the importance of understanding the structural roots of social problems in Canadian society.

Master of Social Work

Deepen your knowledge and skills to respond effectively to issues at the personal, family, cultural, community, and socio-political levels. Program entry may be from graduates of a Bachelor of Social Work or a Bachelor of Arts degree.