Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management

Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management combines business fundamentals with the core skills and knowledge to impact social change. 

The program connects our social and environmental values with the theory and practical skills needed to create, develop, or participate in a social enterprise or nonprofit organization after graduating. 

Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management at 麻豆传媒色情片

This program is unique — no other university in Atlantic Canada offers an undergraduate major in Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management. In our courses, you will use theory and research to develop knowledge and understanding, while also gaining practical skills in areas like: 


  • Marketing 
  • Strategy 
  • Board Governance 
  • Fundraising 
  • Sales 


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“Our courses in Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management are designed to benefit all students who will work in management, fundraising, marketing, or aspire to start a new social enterprise or nonprofit project.” 

Dr. Andy Secord, Program Coordinator




What Sets 麻豆传媒色情片's Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Program Apart?

  • We approach the study of business differently: our focus is on how to maximize social benefits within the community and society at large.

  • Small, engaging classes that emphasize personal interaction and collaborative learning.

  • Hands-on learning opportunities through the Social Enterprise Work-Study Placement. 

  • A robust paid Internship program through the Office of Experiential Learning that will allow you to see how your skills and knowledge translate to the workplace. 

  • Courses are always taught by professors — not teaching assistants — which means students learn for experts in the field. 

Where the Study of Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management can Take You

Through the study of Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management, you will gain skills in critical thinking, communication and advocacy, writing, marketing, sales, and problem solving while developing the ability to apply conceptual understanding and knowledge to real-world issues.  


This will prepare you for meaningful careers in fields like: 

  • Business
  • Nonprofits
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising 
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Enterprise 

Featured Courses

  • BUSI 1003: Introduction to鈥疭ocial鈥疎nterprise 
  • BUSI 1013: Contemporary Case Studies in鈥疭ocial鈥疎nterprise 
  • BUSI 2033: Building the鈥疭ocial鈥疎nterprise 
  • BUSI 2043: Marketing for the鈥疭ocial鈥疎nterprise 
  • BUSI 3023: Nonprofit Management 
  • BUSI 3043: Finance and Fundraising for鈥疭ocial鈥疎nterprise 
  • BUSI 3053:鈥疭ocial鈥疎nterprise Work-Study Placement 
  • BUSI 3903: Business and Human Rights