Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts consists of a subject concentration and a prescribed distribution of courses. To graduate from the Bachelor of Arts program, you must successfully complete the following requirements.

  • Successful completion of 120 credit hours
  • A concentration in a specific subject area or interdisciplinary grouping constituting a Major or Honours
  • Note: Students must refer to the St. Thomas University Academic Calendar to determine whether they have met the requirements for their Major(s). If students are unsure of the requirements as listed in the Calendar, they should consult the Department Chair or designated Departmental Advisor
  • No more than 60 credit hours in one subject within the 120 credit hours required for the degree
  • A minimum of 72 credit hours at the intermediate (2000) level and above
  • An annual GPA of at least 2.0 in the academic year of graduation or on the last 30 credit hours of study

Majors and Minor Requirements

Major: You will be required to choose at least one major—a concentration of studies in one academic field—but not before your second year of study. Normally, 36 credit hours (12 courses) in one subject constitute a major.

IMPORTANT - You must declare a major by the beginning of your third year. This means if you do not have a major in mind during your second year, you still have time to decide.

Honours: Honours level credit is offered in a number of academic fields at St. Thomas. To earn Honours in a subject, you will complete more, and higher level courses in that field, as well as a major project or thesis.

Minor: If you develop an interest in a field, but do not wish to pursue a major, you have the opportunity to complete a minor in the field. A minor requires you to successfully complete 18 credit hours (6 courses) over the duration of your degree.

Electives: Electives are courses that you can take out of interest and are not required courses for your major or minor. You will be able to take electives such as Biology, Chemistry, Mandarin, Maliseet, and Social Work.

General Curriculum Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts curriculum is organized on the basis of a preparatory first year of general studies, partly prescribed, followed by three years of more intensive study in areas dictated by your interests.

In order to meet the goal of a liberal education to develop a breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding, our curriculum is offered in different groups and levels of courses.

IMPORTANT- Over your four years of study, you must successfully complete the following credits from each of the designated groups:

Group A: 12 credit hours (normally taken in first year) from: 
Communications and Public Policy
Human Rights
Irish Studies
Native Studies (Maliseet) 
Native Studies (Mi’kmaq) 
Religious Studies 

Group B: 12 credit hours (normally taken in first year) from:

International Relations
Native Studies
Political Science
Women's Studies and Gender Studies


You will be required to complete a minimum of 6 credit hours from Group C or Group D, or both. This means that a combination of courses from Environment & Society, Natural Sciences, Fine Arts, Music and Visual Arts, totaling 6 credit hours, will satisfy requirements. For example, 6 credit hours in Group C and none in Group D; 6 credit hours in Group D and none in Group C; 3 credit hours in Group C and 3 credit hours in Group D.

Please note that if your major is Psychology, you are not required to complete these requirements in Group C.

Group C:

Environment and Society
Natural Sciences (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics)


Group D:

Fine Arts 
Visual Arts