Faculty to Be Honoured for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service at 2024 Spring Convocation  

鶹ýɫƬ Campus

Four faculty members are being recognized for their professional achievements at Spring Convocation on May 14, 2024.  

Dr. Karla O’Regan is the recipient of the John McKendy Memorial Teaching Award, Dr. Tracy Glynn is the recipient of the Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching, Dr. Jamie Gillies is the recipient of the University Scholarship Award, and Dr. Mary Lou Babineau-Rosada is the recipient of the University Service Award.

“These faculty members demonstrate the high calibre of teaching, research, and service that takes place at St. Thomas University,” said Dr. Nauman Farooqi, President and Vice-Chancellor.  

“Their achievements and contributions help to create an exceptional academic community at 鶹ýɫƬ, and I look forward to celebrating them at our Spring Convocation.”   


John McKendy Memorial Teaching Award     


Karla O'Regan Faculty Awards

Dr. Karla O’Regan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. She teaches courses in criminal law, criminal justice, criminal procedure, and feminist legal studies. She is described by her many nominators as an inspiring teacher and exceptional scholar who fosters a diverse and accepting learning community. Former and current students praise her for the influence her courses had in encouraging their own social activism, intellectual innovation, and passion for lifelong learning. As 鶹ýɫƬ’s Pre-Law Advisor for almost 20 years, she offers formal and informal sessions to help students prepare for the LSAT, law school applications, and legal studies. Dr. O’Regan often includes students in her research, providing exceptional opportunities to undergraduate students. She also continues these collaborations beyond her students’ time at 鶹ýɫƬ as they pursue law school and careers in the legal field. This award is meant to honour a professor who demonstrates exceptional qualities as a teacher. Like John himself, the recipient encourages, challenges, inspires, and prepares students for success. Dr. O’Regan truly personifies the spirit of this award.

Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching      


Tracy Glynn

Dr. Tracy Glynn is an Assistant Professor in Environment and Society. She teaches courses in Introduction to Environmental Problems, Introduction to Environmental Perspectives, Political Economy of Climate Change, and Environmental Praxis. Dr. Glynn also teaches courses in the Departments of Sociology, Human Rights, and Social Work at 鶹ýɫƬ. Her teaching approach is enhanced by her diverse background as an advocate, educator, and independent media writer. Dr. Glynn has championed students’ engagement with their social universes outside the classroom, facilitating collaborative research projects and placements with various environmental and social justice organizations. She is known to draw on her community connections to bring practical perspectives into her classes. Dr. Glynn’s relationships with organizations such as the Madhu Verma Migrant Justice Centre and the New Brunswick Coalition for Tenants Rights add to her teaching as she draws on real-world, community-based issues related to course material. 


University Scholarship Award    


Jamie Gillies

Dr. Jamie Gillies is a highly accomplished expert in both American and Canadian politics and the author or co-author of five books, sixteen peer-reviewed book chapters, and six refereed journal articles. He is celebrated for his strengths in both coordinating highly academic research and explaining contemporary political developments to a general audience through regular media appearances.  His academic work has gained considerable exposure in political communications circles and impacted the broader political science community. Dr. Gillies also has a diverse series of publications looking at elections, political marketing and communications, populism, and popular culture. He frequently presents at conferences and is part of the executives of two regional political science associations. He has also served as the Canadian and Comparative Politics Section Chair of the New England Political Science Association and is currently President of the Atlantic Provinces Political Science Association. His scholarly work has developed into a multi-disciplinary agenda that explores American Politics, Canadian and New Brunswick Politics, Executive Leadership, Political Communications, and Communication Studies. 


University Service Award


Mary Lou Babineau-Rosada

Dr. Mary Lou Babineau-Rosada is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Romance Languages Department. In addition to her role as chair of her department, Dr. Babineau Rosada also serves as the Acting Chair of the Sociology Department. She has played a key role in search and renewal committees for senior administrative positions including for the President and Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Humanities. She has served on the University’s Board of Governors and President’s Advisory Committees on Campus Environmental Issues and Harassment and Discrimination. From 2004-2007 and 2013-2015, she was Chair of 鶹ýɫƬ’s United Way Campaign. Dr. Babineau-Rosada has also served on multiple Senate Committees and has contributed significantly to the faculty association at 鶹ýɫƬ—as President from 2012 to 2015 and as Past President from 2015 to 2017. Following this, she served as President of the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations from 2017-2019.