Internships offer St. Thomas students the opportunity to build connections between their disciplinary and professional experiences, become career ready, and develop community connections for future job or graduate school applications, all while completing their Bachelor of Arts degree.


The program allows students to complete two paid internships during their Bachelor of Arts degree. 

  • Employers can apply to host an intern in the fall between June 20 and July 15, 2022
  • Students can apply for fall internships between July 20  and August 7, 2022

A Transformative Experience for 麻豆传媒色情片dents

Hear from current students, alumni, and employers about the benefits of our Internship Program and how it provides students with opportunities to enhance their learning, build their resume, and grow—personally and professionally.

Current Opportunities & Partners

You can complete your internship in private, public and non-profit organizations in and outside of New Brunswick through our program.

Employer Internship Information

We invite organizations and businesses to participate in our unique internships program and gain access to our top students.

Step by step guide for students: How to Apply for Internships

1. Attend a Resume & Cover Letter workshop

You must attend a Resume & Cover Letter workshop before applying for an internship. Resume & Cover Letter workshops are offered both synchronously and asynchronously.


Remember: Students who attend the workshop and are diligent about personalizing their resume and cover letter for each internship have a much higher chance of getting an interview.


2. Join the Internship Program and Browse Opportunities

Sign in to  add yourself to the Internship Program, and begin browsing current internship opportunities (updated throughout the year). Bonus: Sign up for the 


The Experiential Learning Office notifies students whenever internships become available through the newsletter. This usually happens before each semester begins (for school year internships) and when the school year ends (for summer internships).


Carefully read through all internship postings and choose the ones you think align the most with your values, career plans, and field of interest.


Also, read the Internships Guidelines document before applying for an internship.


3. Write your Resume and Cover Letter

Once you have selected the internship of your preference, write your resume and cover letter. If applying to more than one opportunity, remember to personalize each application and clearly indicate which positions you are applying for.

4. Optional: Schedule an Appointment with Career Development

Even though you have attended the Resume & Cover Letter Workshop, it is recommended to schedule a follow-up appointment to improve your application.

5. Submit Your Application

After you have received feedback on your application from the Career Development team, you are ready to send your application. After employers review your application, they will tell you whether you have been selected for an interview or not.


Tip: Even if you are not selected for an interview, still thank the employer for considering your application 鈥 it shows your level of professionalism.

6. After You Apply

If you are hired for an intern position, the employer will go over the job responsibilities and expectations with you. You will also attend an in-depth on-boarding webinar, complete check-ins, and work on reflective activities with 麻豆传媒色情片's Internships Coordinator to ensure your experience is as fulfilling as you want it to be.


You may have the flexibility to work remotely. Working from home can be both a challenging and rewarding process, but the Experiential Learning Office has created a resource guide to help you succeed: Working from Home: A Guide for 麻豆传媒色情片 Interns


Psychology, Business 鈥 BA 鈥19
Intern at Ignite Fredericton

This internship is going to be incredibly beneficial for me moving forward. The hands-on work is amazing because you鈥檙e learning while you鈥檙e experiencing it.鈥&苍产蝉辫;






1. Who is eligible for an internship?

Students from all academic majors can apply for internships. The critical thinking, interpersonal, communication, and teamwork skills acquired from studying the humanities and social sciences make our students highly desirable candidates for placements. To be eligible to apply for an internship, students must have completed the Resume and Cover Letter Workshop. Specific requirements for each placement will be included in the job posting.


If transportation is a barrier for you to access an opportunity outside of regular bus routes, but you still wish to apply, you can mention this on your email when applying鈥攐ur office can help.


2. Are internships paid?

Yes! The internships offered through the Experiential Learning Office are paid.

Please note: Some academic departments offer for-credit internship opportunities or work placements. These opportunities are managed by the academic department. Details and information should be collected from the assigned faculty member. If you complete a for-credit internship as part of your major/honours requirements, this does not count against the two paid internships you are eligible to partake in through the Office of Experiential and Community Based Learning.



3. Are internships only available during the school year or during the summer too?

We offer both semester-long and summer internships.


4. What is the time commitment for an internship?

  • During the academic year: Paid internships are normally 10 hours per week. Employers are flexible with your course schedule. Time management skills are essential. Students can apply for multiple internships during their degree but can only complete one paid internship at a time.

  • Summer internships: Paid internships in the summer can be full-time from May-August; normally 35 hours per week.

5. Why do I have to do the Resume and Cover Letter workshop?

This workshop is a mandatory component of developing your professional skillset and preparing you for work opportunities outside of 麻豆传媒色情片. Students that attend a Resume and Cover Letter workshop have a significant increase in their chances of getting an interview and/or being hired. The workshop teaches you how to format your resume and cover letter properly; what employers are looking for in candidates; and how to articulate your experiences in your application.


6. How many internships can I apply for during my degree?

You can apply for multiple internships during your degree. Students can complete a maximum of two semesters of paid internship placements through the Office of Experiential Learning. As noted above, depending on your academic department, you may also have opportunities to complete for-credit internships or work placements as part of your major. Please read the Internship Guidelines for more information.


7. Where can I do my internship?

You can complete your internship in private, public and non-profit organizations in and outside of New Brunswick through our program. Please click HERE to see our list of Internship Opportunities and Partners. If you want to do a placement somewhere else, reach out and we will help set it up! See next FAQ.


8. What if the organization I want to intern for is not listed under the Internships Partners?

If the organization you want to intern for is not under our Internships Partners list, you can submit an Internship Proposal and include the organization you want to work for. Find the Internship Proposal Form .


9. How do I increase my chances of getting the internship of my dreams?

 with the Internships Coordinator to talk about your options and plan for a future internship during your time at 麻豆传媒色情片. We can also advise on steps to take to improve your chances of being selected for opportunities and connect you with 麻豆传媒色情片's Career Development Office.


10. What is the profile of an ideal intern?

An ideal intern is someone hard-working, eager to learn, and looking to expand their workplace skillset during their degree at St. Thomas. They are also interested in learning about their own career interests, gaining meaningful hands-on experience and making connections in their community.




To learn more about internships at 麻豆传媒色情片, contact:

Office of Experiential and Community Based Learning