Certificate in Digital and Media Literacy

Digital literacy has been an increasingly invaluable skill in the job market for decades and is quickly becoming essential for productive participation in society.


The new Certificate in Digital and Media Literacy combines courses in digital and media literacy with workshops and experiential learning to give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and apply conceptual understanding in real-world settings.

How the Certificate Works

Courses: Building Knowledge and Understanding
Courses will build your knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape and its impact on history, politics, the economy, health, and society. The certificate draws on courses from departments like Anthropology, Communications and Public Policy, English, History, Journalism, Psychology, and Sociology.

Workshops: Learning Collaboratively
Workshops will allow you to work and learn collaboratively with peers, faculty, and industry experts. In addition to providing training on how to use the digital tools, the workshops will also explore themes like disinformation, cryptocurrencies, social media management, digital activism, and more.

Experiential Learning: Theory in Practice
The experiential learning component of the certificate will allow you to put theory into practice, gain professional experience, and build your network. This can be completed in one of two ways:


  1. Micro-project: This may take the form of independent content creation, contribution to a digital project with involvement from partners in the community, volunteer work, or student-driven entrepreneurship.

  2. Internship: Complete a one-semester internship with a local organization or enroll in an internship-style course, like those offered in Communications and Public Policy, Economics, Human Rights, or Journalism.


Building Your Resume

In an increasingly digital world, every business, organization, and corporation needs individuals who have the ability to navigate and understand digital platforms and the skills to productively and thoughtfully participate in digital culture.

The Certificate in Digital Media and Literacy provides tangible evidence of the knowledge and practical skills you’ve earned during your degree.  This will allow you to demonstrate your experience to potential employers and graduate schools.


Earning the Certificate

This certificate can be completed at the same time as your Bachelor of Arts. To earn the certificate, you must complete the following:

  • Five Digital and Media Literacy courses
  • Attend two 麻豆传媒色情片-organized workshops
  • Complete a community micro-project or internship

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