Protecting Yourself from Doxxing

Doxxing is the act of collecting an individual’s private information (through various platforms including social media) and broadcasting the private or identifying information for the purpose of harassment, particularly racial and gender-based harassment.

The term "doxxing" is derived from the phrase "dropping dox (documents).” Content collected and used can be personal information, images, videos, etc. 

How to Protect Yourself from Doxxing 

  • Adjust your social media privacy settings. 
  • Keep profiles private. 
  • Avoid posting your home or work address or specific locations where you are/will be.
  • Set your post visibility to “friends only” when possible. 
  • Try to avoid using personal information in public conversations online. 
  • Use strong passwords and vary your usernames and passwords across platforms. 
  • Use a password manager when possible. 
  • Use two-factor authentication.

Immediate Steps to Take 

  • Document the harassment (screenshots).
  • Block the harassers.
  • Report it to the platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Doxxing is against the Terms of Service of almost every web platform. Report the event and they will usually respond quickly.
  • Seek help/support from coworkers and friends as you report through various methods (don’t take it on alone).
  • If further action is required, collect and store all screenshots, conversations, etc., so you can relay the situation to anyone who will be conducting an investigate if that becomes necessary.  
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