Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminology is the study of crime, the consequences of crime, people who engage in crime, and the reasons for that engagement. Criminal Justice examines the Canadian criminal justice system and includes areas such as corrections, victimology, police, courts, youth-at-risk, and criminal procedure.  


Criminology and Criminal Justice at 麻豆传媒色情片

Criminology and Criminal Justice at 麻豆传媒色情片 is taught using a liberal arts context, which emphasizes critical thinking and allows for an examination of the legal system’s problems and inequalities, while sparking discussion about creative solutions. You will study theories about crime and criminal justice, examine new and emerging topics of interest, and be afforded space to apply your knowledge. 


Dr. Karla O'Regan in the classroom, leaning over the table to talk to a small group of students“At 麻豆传媒色情片, you will learn about crime and criminal justice from professors who come from a wide array of research backgrounds, and you will be encouraged to think about crime from many different angles and to critically examine the criminal justice system.”


Dr. Karla O’Regan


What sets 麻豆传媒色情片’s Criminology and Criminal Justice Program Apart? 

  • Small, engaging classes that emphasize personal interaction, discussion, and debate.
  • Lectures and seminars are always taught by professors—not teaching assistants—which means students learn from experts in the field.  
  • Professors come from various academic backgrounds—criminology, law, psychology, bioethics, sociology—which brings different perspectives to the study of crime and its policies.
  • For-credit and extracurricular experiential learning opportunities are offered that connect with students’ academic and career ambitions. 
  • Students benefit from faculty expertise in wrongful convictions, the death penalty, missing and murdered Indigenous women, family violence, family and youth in prison, drug policy, and the portrayal of crime in popular media and film. 

Where the Study of Criminology and Criminal Justice can Take You 

Earn a skillset that is analytical and practical, while learning to think critically, communicate effectively, and problem solve creatively. Our program will develop your academic and research literacy, and empower you to question the policies and institutions in place for those identified as criminal as well as the victims of criminal behaviour.  
This prepares graduates for meaningful careers in fields like:


  • Policing
  • Probation
  • Parole
  • Law
  • Civil Service
  • Border Relations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Humanitarian Work
  • Social Work 


“My experience at 麻豆传媒色情片 gave me the chance to grow beyond what I could have ever imagined. I was better qualified to apply for opportunities thanks to the educational experience and my participation in the incredible internship program. At 麻豆传媒色情片, you will develop a portfolio of skills that will make you a stand-out candidate to any employer.”鈥&苍产蝉辫;
Simon Wassef, BA ’21, Criminology and Criminal Justice鈥&苍产蝉辫;
Strategic Communications, RCMP鈥&苍产蝉辫;


Gain Experience and Build Your Resume 

  • Research and service internships with criminal justice system agencies and non-governmental organizations are offered. 
  • You can take courses that include visits to courtrooms and correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, and community action groups.
  • Many professors offer research internships, which provide professional development as well as opportunities to attend conferences or have your work included in academic publications. 
  • Connect the study of Criminology and Criminal Justice with professional experience through the 麻豆传媒色情片 Internship Program. 麻豆传媒色情片 partners with many local businesses and organizations and will match you with an internship that relates to your academic and personal interests.鈥 

You might be interested in studying Criminology and Criminal Justice if…

  • You have ever questioned the workings of the criminal justice system
  • You want a better understanding of the reasons individuals engage in crime
  • You are interested in social justice and want to make a difference 

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Fields that Enhance Your Learning in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Crime is a human behaviour, which means it takes many different perspectives to help understand why individuals behave the way they do or believe the things they do about crime. Several academic disciplines are key to assisting criminologists in their inquiries into why individuals commit crime and how society reacts to it, including Psychology, Sociology, Gerontology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science, and Human Rights.