Academic Support

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services is committed to creating an equitable environment by ensuring that all members of our community have access to the full range of university life. This means supporting students with disabilities in their full participation in the educational, social, and cultural life of our university.

A student studying in an empty classroom


Some accommodations and services include:
  • Access to assistive technology  
  • Access to large print, taped, or braille materials  
  • FM system to support hearing-impaired students  
  • Note-taker services 
  • Test/midterm/exam accommodations   
  • Time management skills training  

The Writing Centre

The Writing Centre is a free service available to all 麻豆传媒色情片 students. Whether you are starting your first essay or completing your fourth-year honors thesis, the Writing Centre can assist you with all aspects of the writing process, from planning an outline to polishing a final draft.

What services does the Writing Centre provide?

The Writing Centre can help you:

  • understand your writing assignment
  • organize your thoughts and develop a writing strategy,
  • plan and improve your assignments,
  • use different writing styles,
  • properly cite sources and format papers,
  • learn how to do more effective library research,
  • strengthen your writing skills.

The Writing Centre does not help you compose, re-write or proofread assignments. Instead, we work with you to help you become a better writer. YOU are ultimately responsible for the work you submit and the grade you earn, but we are happy to help make the writing process as easy as possible!

How often can I visit the Writing Centre?

Students can book up to two 50-minute appointments per week (one per day), availability permitting.

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring matches students who are experiencing difficulties in a course with an upper-level student who is trained for one-on-one tutoring in that subject area.

Peer tutoring is free, and during the regular academic year (September-April), students are eligible to receive up to 2 hours of free tutoring per week.


What can a Peer Tutor help me with during a session?

 Tutors can help you:

  • review weekly class readings and concepts,
  • study and organize your class notes,
  • complete not-for-credit practice exercises,
  • find and evaluate research materials
  • help you plan to complete class projects
  • model and teach A-level student academic skills
  • provide motivation and incentive to study each week

Please note that peer tutors cannot help you complete assignments that will be graded by your instructor, nor can they proofread your written assignments. For help with writing, please visit the Writing Centre.

Learning Skills - Student Success Coach

The Student Success Coach is here to help you better organize your time, manage your schedule, take better notes, be more productive, and translate your academic habits into success in the classroom. Services offered by the Student Success Coach are available to all students from August-May, free of charge.


You should use reach out to the Student Success Coach if you want to:

  • Learn how to manage stress by keeping on top of tasks
  • Increase productivity and procrastinate less
  • Take better notes in class
  • Get more out of your readings
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills
  • Improve on studying and test taking