Occupational Health and Safety

St. Thomas University recognizes the importance of a safe and healthy workplace. 

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee is responsible for identifying health and safety concerns and promoting health and safety among university employees.  It operates under terms of reference outlined in the St. Thomas University Safety Policy and in compliance with the New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act.

To report a health or safety concern, please contact either of the committee co-chairs:

Jenilyn Bruette
E-mail – jbruette@stu.ca
Telephone – 452-0630


Dave Dunbar
E-mail - ddunbar@stu.ca

Telephone - 452-0407

Current First Aid / CPR Providers:

Person Location Phone Expiry
Jenilyn Bruette MMH 409 452-0630 August 14, 2026
Philip Cliff ECH  116  460-0396 August 14, 2026
Dave Dunbar ECH G7 452-0407 August 14, 2026
Ann Smith MMH 410 453-7211 August 14, 2026
Erica Cairns BMH 314  452-0644 August 14, 2026
Pauline McIntyre BMH 311 452-0540 August 14, 2026
Bruce Finley ECH - 18 452-0606  August 14, 2026



Terms of Reference

Scent Reduction Guideline
First Aid Kit Locations

Committee Members

Ergonomic Guidelines